Idara Media Sponsorship


Here at IDARA MEDIA, we believe there’s CREATIVITY on the streets, in Young People and we are out to REWARD it, with the aim of reducing unemployment, under-employment and youth restiveness. When you become our Sponsor (sponsorship), you’ve shown the winner(s) that you believed in them even before you know them and that makes you a great Leader.

Rewards by Activity

idara dance contest

Photo Rewards

Participants submits a photo for voting.

Video Rewards

Participants submits a video for voting.

Idara Writing Contest

Writing/Essay Rewards

Participants submits an essay/writing for voting.

Idara Audio Contests

Audio Rewards

Participants submits an audio recording for voting.

Why Sponsor



If you have the heart to gift someone anything but you are not sure how to find the right person who really deserves or NEED your gift, or you just want to encourage a skill or talent on the street, we can help you find the right person for your gift through our reward system. you can be completely anonymous if you want.


Research Purpose

Are you interested in feeling the pulse of a people on a matter or topic base on their age, sex or geographic location? Or you want to sample opinions or investigate an issue to make an informed decision or maybe you simply want to gather data, we got you covered. 

Idara Writing Contest

Brand Engagement/ Product Marketing

We can get your product or service on the lips and hearts of your target markets and households across the globe or to your targeted location and demography while you gain more brand/product visibility, engagements as well as close more sales.