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What We Do

Digital Contests-Management Idara Media


Be it for Research Purposes, Product/Brand Awareness, Corporate Social Responsibility or even Philanthropy, Designing and Organizing result oriented digital contests/rewards management is what we do.

We have successfully developed a fully automated digital rewards/contest platform that is capable of administering Picture, Video, Audio and Writing Contests from start to finish without the organizer(s) or contestant leaving the comfort of their homes. Plus, the transparency and security of the process is second to none (thanks to our digital technology).


“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.”— Bill Gates. Here at IDARA MEDIA LIMITED, we can put your business all over the internet for you. We are TESTED and TRUSTED in the field of Professional/ Responsive Website Design and Hosting as well as Social Media Management. 

Responsive Website Design - Idara media
corporate profiling service Idara Media


We decades of experience in Corporate Profiling. Be it for a new contract bidding, Branding, Media/Publicity etc., a professionally laid-out Corporate Profile is an unmatched tool for customer retention and expansion. Let’s tell your corporate story with eye catching graphics in stylishly designed and professionally finished corporate/business profile (Digital and/or Print).